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187 (No.1)
Jean Michel Jarre charts:   No.1 in most viewed, No.1 in top rated, out of 59 cover songs.
Learn to play the basics on a Korg Microstation. by Michael Wilcox (and KORG-Man) Available for free download on SoundCloud This is my cover version of the song that was played live and then edited in GarageBand. Anime Studio Pro 8 was used to create this video. Hope you find it helpful... Check this out Use this with GarageBand: I used midi to modify my live recording (in Garageband) via the Microstation VST and because the keyboard is split into Zones, everything was done on one track - which is not very good. The best midi software I've used up to now is Cubase LE 5 (PC and Mac) which came free with the Lexicon Alpha desktop recording studio (under £50).

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